Screen-Printing Magic


What we do as Silk Screen Specialists…

It’s our mission to make sure you have exactly what you need, when you need it.

PPS specializes in apparel & textile printing, artisan paper printing and professional contract services. We value print technique, various approaches to print application, efficient processes and quality results. We understand if your project requires a quick turn around time and we strive to accomodate for any order size.

Apparel & Textile Printing

Tee shirts, tote bags, hoodies, bandanas, jerseys, baby onsies, athletic pants, bandanas…does your project involve a fiber-based item? Chances are we can source it and print on it.

Apparel and textile printing are the top categories we service. We’ve been working with a wide range of suppliers and sources for quality apparel of all kinds since 2008.


Apparel screen printing is our most commonly serviced category. We’ve got shirts—longsleeve, short sleeve, 3/4 sleeve, ringer, raglan, pocketed, scooped….we’ve got hoodies, henleys, sweats, polos, crews, jackets — if you can wear it we can source it. Browse Apparel Catalog

After filling out your order form, we will walk you through the sourcing of your apparel and mock up your artwork so that you can fully visualize your design, before it is printed.

Looking to provide your own apparel? Let’s chat more!


Textiles refers to any fiberous material made for industrial use. We use the more general term of textile printing when we screen print something other than apparel. We’ve done projects on burlap coffee bags, bandanas, tea towels, penants, flags, tote bags, various fabrics and more.

Do you have a unique textile project? Let’s talk about it!

Poster & Flatstock Printing

Phenom Print Studio prides itself in providing professional services in the art of traditional silk screen printed posters and gallery quality art-prints.

PPS began experimental hand printing of artwork and posters in 2012. Over the years, our experience, production equipment and capabilities have expanded into a dedicated press room within our new facility. The controlled environment houses our Viprotech semi-automatic flatbed press, drying racks, inks and cutter.

Artist collaborations include projects such as: limited print editions, music tour posters, printed wallpaper installations, art shows, brand campaigns, signage, custom packaging, stationery, post cards, invitations and more.

Other flat materials and substrates we have worked with: Glass, acrylic, various plastic sheeting, wood, cork, metal, leather, cardboard, foam paneling and more.

We welcome inquiries for larger volume projects and contract services in the form of flatstock printing.

Contract Printing

Is this not your first screen-printing rodeo? Same here! We’ve built long-standing relationships with several clients that have larger project needs requiring contract pricing.

Finishing, folding, bagging, tagging, kitting and fufillment too – say you? Absolutely!

Let us know your needs and we’ll develop a customized model that works for a healthy partnership together.


The foundation of our printing services.

Whether you have an inability to visualize your project, a pocket full of napkin scribbles, or an established brand book, PPS is ready to team up with design services that bring your project to the next level.

Contact us with your design objectives and we will pair your project with a specialized designer to meet your needs.